No item too big,
no job too small.

We are Heavy Items Only, Calgary’s most unique movers. Not only do we help customers avoid extra fees, we also specialize in moving the heaviest items – the ones other moving companies turn down. By utilizing a variety of tools and techniques from our hard-won experience, we are able to completely avoid damage and injury. Come find out why our customers love us. 

We are Heavy Items Only

wait, so you
only move
heavy items?

No, we are experienced in and routinely participate in all types of moving services such as: house moves, furniture assembly, appliance delivery and container loading. Heavy item relocation is our specialty though. In fact, our customers regularly inform us that we were the only company they called that could facilitate their move.


No Hourly Surcharge

Flat rating the move ensures we have enough time to safeguard your items.

No Damage

There are no shortcuts taken. By making sure all items as well as the residence are protected, we mitigate all claims before they happen.

Pay By Weight

Our fee is $0.65/lb for all heavy items (Anything in excess of 300lbs). Ask about our bundle packages if you require a move WITH a heavy item.


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